Chile Season in New Mexico

August and September in New Mexico are Chile season! The crops have been picked and packed and the family businesses have started making their way up the interstate, funneling into supermarket parking lots where patrons eagerly await the trailers stacked with overfilled burlap sacks of chile peppers. The giant roasters spin and heat the peppers. The roasting fragrance wafts through the air. The state song, “New Mexico True” fondly rings through our heads.

Chile peppers (pronounced chee’lay) are full of vitamin C, are said to be addictive, and come in a variety of “hotness”. As a New Mexican, I MUST have chile – it’s part of the way we live. When I used to eat meat and even when I was vegetarian, I would put green chile on everything – pizza, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, a local company even makes green chile coffee and chocolate with green chile in it! Now as a vegan I’m finding new things to add a New Mexican touch to. Hatch green chile roasted at Whole Foods (Academy and Wyoming) on my Boca vegan burger….yum! I wonder how it would taste on a portabella mushroom burger, maybe a gluten free pizza with vegan cheese….well, all this is for another blog post on vegan New Mexican recipes 🙂

New Mexico has green chile and red chile. The official New Mexico question is, “Green or Red?” At restaurants you’ll be asked this over and over. You can state your favorite, or (as locals will say…..), “Christmas”, which means a little of both. Green has always been my favorite.  What’s YOUR favorite? We’d love to hear about your favorite chile meals and recipes! And the memories that chile roasting brings back for you. Happy Chile Season 🙂


tags: NM, New Mexico, chile, food, green chile, chile peppers

photo credit: pixabay

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