An Unexpected Benefit of Fostering Kitties


Adventurous OZZI tabby kitten

Being in animal rescue, at any given time we have a visitor or two we foster. Right now, we have the pleasure of getting to know 2 kitten brothers and a young adult female. The three get along nicely and are great company. Olly and Ozzi are leopard spotted tabbys and Bhindi, also a tabby, is playing surrogate mom to them. The boys play and explore, Bhindi keeps them in check and also bathes them, plays with them, sleeps with them, and teaches them fun things like how to utilize a cat tree to the best of their liking and how not to be afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

Anyway, having recently gotten back into yoga, I have decided that the guest room (which is where the kitties are mostly residing right now as they acclimate to their new surroundings) is the best place for me to get in a morning yoga and meditation session. I’m using and for this week and I’m focusing on a core challenge – 10 minutes with Tim Senesi. I’ve tried doing yoga in the same room as my dogs and if any of you have tried this, I’m sure you’ve experienced some hilarious challenges. (There are many YouTube videos displaying this :0)) So yoga with the cats is my choice!

BHINDI so great 032816 watermarked RLWP

The kitties love to watch and at times participate, they are mostly mesmerized and seem quite pleased. I don’t know if their future forever homes will have yoga participants, but they are getting an education while at our house and soaking up a lot of Zen. ‘On your back, press lower back into floor, feel your abs, legs straight up, lower a third, another third, one inch from the ground, now bring them back up’….. and Bhindi’s hanging onto my leg for added weight as my leg raises up. Nothing like a furry little spot checker – that should help put a little more definition into the abs! Repeat exercise smoothly…..including velcro cat.

 Sweet OLLY tabby kitten

Next, onwards to meditation. Since I’m just starting to get back into a meditation routine, I started with 5 min. But now, a week later, I’m up to 11 min. Hmm, easier than I thought….and I didn’t fall asleep. But what’s this? The kitten brothers have decided to participate. How are they participating you ask? By providing me with delightful stereophonic purring. They each start out with their own purring rhythm and it gradually becomes as one… stereo sound. An absolutely cantilating accompaniment to meditation. As an added bonus, Olly reached out with a soft paw and gently touched my hand. Then Oz did too. So special. These three kitties are such a pleasure to foster.

Please comment about your experiences with pets and yoga……or about the pets you’re fostering:


Yoga video: MyFreeYoga with Tim Senesi 10 min core challenge

To adopt BHINDI, OZZI and/or OLLY:  cat application

To foster BHINDI, OZZI and/or OLLY:  foster questionnaire

Questions or comments about the cats:


4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Benefit of Fostering Kitties

  1. hello real life with pets its dennis the vizsla dog hay my mama and dada hav fosterd a kuple of pets inklooding my sister trixie and me dennis the vizsla dog!!! but they ar not verry gud at fostering it seems becuz they never giv there fosters bak!!! luckily for me!!! ok bye


    1. Hey, Dennis the Vizsla! I’m so glad you and sis were adopted to a great forever family 🙂 You even have your own blog! I bet your parents constantly promote how good it is to foster so others will have the same luck as you – they sound like good people.


  2. I tried to do yoga with Mom. I can only do sideways facing dog and corpse pose. Sebastian tried to do it too but he just ended up doing unwanted acupuncture on Mom’s back. Ozzy and Olli are so sweet and Bhindi is precious. Thanks for sharing this story!


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