Eating Vegan (and pet-friendly) in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Having recently turned vegan, I’m still finding my way when out and about. On Sunday, after doing an adoption of two kitten brothers, Ozzi and Ollie, Raymond and I started searching for lunch. We were both hungry and our usual Thai Vegan was not open.

Searching Yelp and HappyCow didn’t turn up much so I Google’d and got a Foursquare recommendation….Bumble Bee’s.  Ah, Bumble Bee’s was a favorite of ours even before going vegan and before they closed so many of their locations. We hadn’t been there in years. Bumble Bee’s it would be!


We found the original location just outside the center of town and the outdoor patio seemed perfect for a Sunday brunch. Foursquare recommended either Burrito de Tomas (without the sour cream and cheese) — how did they know Burrito de Tomas used to be my favorite? And they also recommended the Vegan Burrito. This sounded safe for a vegan and enjoyable – fresh grilled peppers, onions, beans, rice, guacamole, lettuce, and roasted tomato salsa. We chose a seat outside where the Mexican ambiance music played and went inside to order.

The attendant asked for my preferences …. white rice or brown? Brown…..Black beans or red? Black……..Wheat tortilla or white? White.  The tortilla may not be 100% vegan, I don’t know (it might)….but I know I can’t handle wheat so there we go.  Bumble Bee’s is known for it’s giant, freshly made, local ingredients, New Mexican-ized  burrito’s with great sounding names and to make it gluten-free, just say, “naked”! Burrito’s are around $7 – a great deal for fresh food.

When we sat down at our table and waited to have our wonderful delicacies arrive, I immediately noticed the pet water bowl on the ground in the corner. Yay – pet friendly! And as if on cue, a beautiful Golden mix arrived with humans in tow and this just completed the ambiance for us.


The Vegan Burrito was delicious and filling. Raymond had the Tito Burrito which he liked as well (fresh avocado, basil, rice, corn, and cabbage, pico de gallo and Bumble Bee’s “secret sauce” (non-dairy). We shared a bottle of Arrowhead water. The adoption of two kitties, a delicious vegan meal on a sunny Sunday at a pet-friendly establishment, and quality time with hubby! What could be better?


Bumble Bee’s Baja Grill is located in beautiful Santa Fe, NM 301 Jefferson St 87501 Menu:  Let me know if you eat there!

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