Zoodle Alfredo – Vegan Lunch – 15 min from Frig to Mouth!


Those new to eating vegan sometimes think it must be an elaborate affair or expensive. Not at all! The following meal for one took 6 ingredients, 15 minutes and was only about 262 calories. So here we go:


1 medium zucchini (31 cal)

1 tomato (22 cal)

coconut oil (120 cal)

Heidi Ho Ne Chevre vegan live culture cheese spread (80 cal) or other melting vegan creamy type cheese

2 Cloves Garlic (9 cal)

Spices (Pesto, salt, black pepper, garlic)


  1. in a bowl marinate 1 sliced tomato with 1 clove garlic, black pepper and salt.
  2. in a sauce pan, put heat to medium and add a scoop of Coconut Oil. Add 1 clove garlic. Spiralize 1 medium zuccini into pan. Saute. Add 1 small scoop Heidi Ho Ne Chevre live culture cashew vegan cheese spread. Mix/melt all that’s in the pan. Add Pesto Seasoning.
  3. In serving bowl, layer tomotoes, then zoodles, then tomatoes, then zoodles, then tomatoes.
  4. Opt: Add black pepper, Hatch Green Chile Powder Salt, and garlic to taste.

Bon Appetite!

Oh – would you like dessert? Try 1 or 2 coconut dates! A perfect natural sweet to a perfect light lunch.


A note: We hope you enjoyed this fun and quick recipe! There are a few links in this post that make it easy to gather the ingredients and tools for this recipe. We will receive a few pennies to keep the website up! 



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