I ❤️ Fall


When the mornings are cool, the sky forms beautiful blue/gray sculptures, and it’s breezy enough to blow away all the summer flies, it’s FALL in north Central New Mexico.

I LOVE fall. One of the rituals I have when fall starts is I have my first warm and yummy cup of tea of the season. I only drink warm tea in the fall and winter. The aroma of the first tea is exciting and the prospect of new adventures and new scenery begins.

With the wind running through the pine trees, sounding of the the waves of the ocean, I was tempted to put a sweater on this 50 degree morning. Instead, I thought, “THIS is the Fall Tea morning I’ve been waiting for”!😃

I always use 1-2 tea bags, add stevia granules, and….in contrast to past years where I would add vanilla almond milk….instead, this morning, I added fresh coconut cream/milk. Good choice – delicious and healthy. My flavor this morning – Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai. So amazing how a good cup of tea will just stop you in your tracks, slow you down, make you relax, and just enjoy the moment. Yes, I know, American tea is nothing in comparison to English or Japanese tea ….. and in #newmexicotrue tradition, it will probably be close to 90degrees in a few hours and the cool air/warm tea combo will be a distant dream…..but the cool calm moment is right this morning and this is good. So good, I had a second cup.🍵

Did you go make a cup of tea after reading this? Do you have a similar tradition? How do you have your tea?

Warm tummies and calm moments! ❤️

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