Our team

We are pleased to introduce you to the authors of our blog, who thoroughly select themes for articles, make our animal blog as helpful as possible, and share their knowledge and experience to make your life with pets pleasant and filled with joy and happiness.

Michael Boley

Michael Boley

Dr. Michael Boley is a veterinarian and the owner of two veterinary clinics, The Animal Doctor at Paris, and The Animal Doctor of Selmer Hospitals. In the nearest future, he is going to open two more clinics. Michael is devoted to providing his patients and their owners with the best treatment possible. He has years of experience treating cats, dogs, and small animals. He thoroughly examines animals and suggests to the owners the most effective treatment for their animals. 
Michael is here to help answer our readers’ questions in his articles.

Sandra Burns

Sandra actively studies the life of animals and consults pet owners. She is the happy owner of a cat and a dog; that’s why Sandra knows how to care for and treat them for various diseases and wants to share her knowledge, collected during many years of practice, with our blog readers. In addition, she participates actively in charitable projects to improve the quality of life of animals that need care.

Emma Clark

Emma Clark is a veterinarian specializing in the care and treatment of animals. Her patients include pets, cattle, birds, wild animals, and fish. Emma is happy to share her experience with us in her articles on this blog. And we are happy to learn from her how to take care of our pets.

Olivia Bennet

Olivia Bennet is a veterinarian who has worked in a veterinary clinic for many years. She specializes in the diagnosis, disease prevention, and treatment of not only cute kittens and puppies but also large farm animals. Olivia loves animals, cares about them, and wants to help you know more about your pets.

Camila Evans

Camila Evans is a consultant for pet care, organizing a suitable space for the pet at your home and nutrition and health problems for your pets. She has helped many families to solve different issues concerning their 4-paws friends. Reading her articles on our blog, you will find answers to many of your questions.