Author: Olivia Bennet

Olivia Bennet is a veterinarian who has worked in a veterinary clinic for many years. She specializes in the diagnosis, disease prevention, and treatment of not only cute kittens and puppies but also large farm animals. Olivia loves animals, cares about them, and wants to help you know more about your pets.

Shiny Coats and Healthy Skin with Velcote (Vitamins A, D3, E)

Velcote liquid serves as a dietary enhancement designed for pets to promote the well-being of their skin and the shine of their coat. Suitable for dogs, cats, and horses, this specially crafted supplement is tailored to enhance your pet's skin health.

PetJoint Tablets for Cats’ and Dogs’ Bones and Joints

Taking care of the bones and joints in cats and dogs helps maintain comfortable movement, prevents conditions like arthritis, ensures proper posture and balance, reduces the risk of injuries related to falls, and supports weight management.

Improve Your Dog’s Skin and Coat with PetHex Shampoo

PetHex Shampoo is a powerful solution crafted by Pet Cre India to combat dog skin infections. This anti-fungal and anti-microbial shampoo boasts a blend of key ingredients: chlorhexidine gluconate and miconazole nitrate.

Uses of Pet Care Livoferol Supplement

The Pet Care Livoferol Supplement enhances liver function by regulating hepatic microsomal enzymes. This supplement promotes optimal liver health in your pet, improving appetite, digestion, and sleep quality.

Liv.52 Vet Liquid for Healthy Liver in Your Pet

Himalaya Liv.52 is a dietary supplement designed to boost metabolism and support your puppy's growth. It is an appetite enhancer, while also protecting their liver against the harmful effects of chemicals, medications, and toxins.

Kiskin Is Your Solution to Fungal Infections and More

Kiskin lotion is a specialized skincare product designed to treat yeast and skin fungal infections. This lotion functions as an antifungal agent by disrupting the fungal cell membrane, eliminating sensitive fungi.

Immunol – Herbal Support for Cats and Dogs

The immune system is a crucial defense mechanism, safeguarding the body against infections, illnesses, and biological threats. Immunol is an herbal blend designed to enhance the immune function of both cats and dogs. 

Fiprofort Spray for Pet Parasite Control

Fiprofort is an anti-flea and tick spray containing Fipronil as its active component. Fipronil, a broad-spectrum insecticide, acts on fleas, ticks, and lice present on the coat. It exerts its effects by directly impacting the central nervous system.

Discover the Benefits of Cell-Pet Junior Supplement

Supplements support various aspects of pets' health, including bone strength, immune system function, joint health, coat, and skin. Supplements can play a crucial role in maintaining optimal health for pets with dietary restrictions, specific needs, or during growth and aging stages. 

How to Treat and Clean Cat and Dog Wounds

Pet owners should know how to treat a wound in their cat or dog because it enables them to provide timely and appropriate first aid, reducing the risk of infection and complications. This knowledge promotes a quicker recovery for their beloved pet.

How Can I Get Rid of Cat Fleas in My House?

Getting rid of cat fleas in the house is important to protect the health and well-being of humans and pets, as infestations can lead to discomfort, itching, and the potential spread of diseases.

Best Ways to Keep Your Cat’s Coat Healthy

Keeping a cat's hair healthy is important because it indicates good overall health, helps regulate body temperature, prevents skin issues, controls shedding and reduces the risk of hairballs.

Depression in Cats and Dogs. What to Do?

Depression in cats and dogs can manifest in various ways and is often triggered by significant changes in their environment or routine. Treating depression in pets is crucial because it can significantly impact their overall well-being and quality of life.