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Depression in Cats and Dogs. What to Do?

Depression in cats and dogs can manifest in various ways and is often triggered by significant changes in their environment or routine. Treating depression in pets is crucial because it can significantly impact their overall well-being and quality of life.

Dermatitis in Cats: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Dermatitis in cats refers to the inflammation of the skin that can be caused by various factors such as allergies, parasites, infections, or irritants, leading to symptoms like itching, redness, and skin lesions.

Best Supplements for Cats in 2023

Providing a cat with a well-balanced and nutritionally complete diet is difficult. That's why most cats require daily food supplements. Owners should remember that supplements should be used in addition to a proper diet. 

Best Dewormer for Cats and Dogs Based on Pyrantel

While worms and intestinal parasites may be invisible to the naked eye, they can significantly impact the health of our beloved cats and dogs. It's essential to stay informed and take proactive steps to protect our four-legged companions.

Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs: Causes and the Best Treatment

Atopic dermatitis, also known as canine atopic dermatitis or atopy, is a common skin condition in dogs. It is an allergic reaction that occurs when a dog's immune system overreacts to certain allergens in the environment.

Antibiotic Use in Cattle

Infectious diseases pose a considerable threat to cattle health and productivity. Veterinary antibiotics used in cattle are vital in treating bacterial infections, reducing symptoms' severity, and preventing disease spread within the herd.

What to Do with Your Pet on Vacation

You're finally on vacation! But what to do with your pet when you travel?! Learn the best options of pet care for vacation - both parties will be happy if you arrange everything properly.

The Best Dewormer for Your Pet

Worms may inhabit any animal, including your pet. But some of them can be dangerous to your four-paws friend, which is why you need to use pet dewormers. This article will help you to know everything about deworming medications.

How to Keep Your Pet Warm in Winter

Read a detailed review about the danger of hypothermia for the pet’s health, how to prevent hypothermia and what to do if your pet is cold.

What to Do If Your Dog Is Overweight?

There is a common problem of obesity in dogs. Health risks that come with it are potentially life-threatening. Help your dog to lose weight with a special plan.

Arthritis In Dogs – Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies

Arthritis in dogs is a terrible disease that causes many troubles to dogs and their owners. However, careful owners can make their pets' lives much happier, and in this article, we will show you how you can do it.

Nutritional Deficiency in a Pet

Nutritional deficiency in a pet can have severe consequences. That’s why you will need pet vitamins and supplements that contain special substances for the animal’s body.