Pet on Vacation

What to Do with Your Pet on Vacation

There comes a time when you may put everything on hold and go on vacation. And you wonder what to do with your pet while you’re traveling? You cannot act spontaneously anyway – instead, you need a clear plan of action.

At that point, you have a choice. You may either ask someone to take care of your pet at your home while you are absent, take your pet to a pet care service, or take the pet with you. Whatever decision seems more suitable to you, it will only work if you prepare both yourself and your pet thoroughly.

What to do with your pet on vacation

How to Get Your Pet Ready for Vacation

No matter how good pet sitters or pets-on-vacation facilities are, your departure will cause stress to your animal. When it happens for the first time, it may become a shock for your puppy, kitty, or other pet. That’s why by all means you should prepare your pet for your coming departure.

Spend Some Extra Time Together

You may not believe it, but experts say that spending much time together before you leave will have a positive effect on both you and the animal. As a result – you and your pet will get through the parting much easier.

Get Pet Food and Medications Ready

If your animal stays home, prepare everything beforehand. The caretaker doesn’t have to search your pet’s food or medications around the house. This is an important step as well when you plan to take your pet to someone or to a dogs & cats hotel. Make sure you provide enough supply of all necessary things.

Gather Your Pet’s Belongings

In case your puppy, kitty, or other animal has to spend some time in an unfamiliar place, try to minimize the pet’s stress. Take pet’s toys, mat, favorite biscuits, or other things that make your pet feel comfortable in any pet care facility. He or she will take it easier having something that smells like home and like you.

Write Down All Instructions

Things you do regularly are unfamiliar to people who will take care of your pet in your absence. Even a pet care expert needs precise job instructions. The best way to arrange everything properly is to write notes so that the pet sitter can keep important information and check if needed.

Provide Veterinarian’s Contact Information

Regardless of the pet’s health condition, don’t forget to give the pet sitter the vet’s contact info so they can get medical treatment or just consult about suitable medication or dosage, for example. This will bring you some peace and confidence as well when you are far from your pet. Besides, you may ask your veterinarian if they offer boarding.

Ask a Neighbor, Friend, or Family Member

When you decide to go on vacation without your pet, you may ask for help from different pet care services. However, no matter how qualified the service is, the better solution is to ask someone like your family member, a friend, or a neighbor to visit your pet at home. This option will not only keep your dog or a cat in the place they feel comfortable but also allow them to have pleasant social contact.

With someone your animal knows, it will take less time and stress for the animal to get used to the new conditions. On the other hand, close people can visit your home often enough so that your pet does not feel too lonely. They won’t require lots of instructions to get into your animal’s daily routine.

Pet Sitter at Your Home

A pet sitter is a nice option as well. We advise using only reliable websites or your friends’ or relatives’ recommendations to search for a qualified specialist. An advantage of a trained employee from pet care services or an experienced sitter is that they know how to make friends with your pet and how to take care of him.

A hired sitter only needs accurate instructions from you to successfully fulfill the obligations. Pet sitting will be more costly. Moreover, for a standard fee, you cannot expect more than one visit per day for a cat and two visits per day for a dog. Be prepared to pay extra money for any additional services.

Pet Hotel

For many pet owners, leaving their animals at home seems preferable since their pets remain in their familiar environment with their favorite toys, furniture, etc. However, pet hotels have become a trend nowadays since they allow animals to stay with other animals and be under observation by trained staff 24/7.

Many of these facilities offer the possibility to visit hotels beforehand so that you can check their services and your pet can get used to the new environment before you leave him there. You can even watch your pet via a webcam, the service is often available for a reasonable fee.

Board Your Dog at a Local Boarding Facility

Local boarding facilities work similarly to hotels for animals. However, you may prefer such pet care while you’re on vacation because organizations like this offer a wider range of services. Their staff usually includes vets that’s why they can check your pet’s state of health. This option is especially important for a kitten, a puppy, or, on the contrary, for older cats and dogs that need special care.

You can board your pet at a boarding facility and not worry about whether they take the right medicine in time or not. It will be a friendly place for your animal to stay where they won’t feel lonely.

Take Your Pet With You

An excellent decision is to take your animal with you. In this case, you won’t miss each other. You will have a wonderful time together. But here you will have to arrange proper pet care by yourself.


Is it possible to travel with my dog by plane? What to do with my cat when I travel? Find answers to questions like these beforehand. Ask your vet for advice, update your pet’s ID, ensure a comfortable, well-ventilated carrier for them, etc.

Destination and Accommodations

If you decide to take your pet with you choose destinations that won’t make them feel uneasy. Make sure to book a hotel that accepts animals and offers services for them.

Your holiday may even include extreme activities, but things should be thoroughly organized. Do not take spontaneous decisions when there’s no guarantee that your pet will have a comfortable stay there.


Whether you take your pet with you, leave them at home, or buy them a service package at a pet on vacation facility, be sure to arrange everything properly. Whatever is your decision, check it for compliance with your animal’s needs. Does it work well for my pet? When your answer is 100% positive, you can go on vacation with or without the pet with peace of mind and have a relaxing vacation without worrying about your animal.


Will My Dog Think I Abandoned Him When I Go On Vacation?

Yes, he will, if you have never left him before. However, dogs can quickly adapt to new circumstances. So, it is a must to arrange comfortable conditions for them. In this case, they can easily cope with the stress.

Where to Find Professional Sitters for My Pet?

Consult your friends who have had such situations before and can recommend you a reliable pet sitter. You can also find a sitter on sites like Trusted Housesitters or by addressing pet sitting services available in your area.

Can I Leave My Pet Home Alone for 3 Days?

It depends on the age, species, and breed. An adult dog, for example, can get over your departure comfortably when it lasts from 2 to 6 days. However, there might be age and breed peculiarities for every animal species.

How to Get Your Pet Ready for House Sitting?

You should prepare both the sitter and the pet if we speak about such social animals as dogs and cats. Write direct instructions for the sitter and show them in detail what they should and should not do with your pet.

What to Do When You Miss Your Dog on Vacation?

Yes, it is always difficult to leave your pet for some time. But in order not to worry about how they’re doing, you need to ensure their well-being while you are absent. You need to find someone whom you can trust and who can provide your pet with a homey environment. Every time you miss your dog or a cat, call your pet sitter and talk to him or her about your pet. Taking a photo of your animal with you is a good way to have him with you and not miss him.

Will My Dog Forget Me After a Month?

Luckily, no, he won’t. Your dog will always remember you no matter how long you’re gone. Scientists proved the pattern: the longer your vacation, the more excited your pet will be when you come back home.

How Long Does a Pet Miss Their Owner?

Every dog owner is worried about the fact that their pet misses them when they are far from them. But don’t think that your pet is depressed. Your dog or cat doesn’t possess abilities to perceive time. They don’t live in the past, they only live in the present. Dogs and cats definitely miss their owners but not as much as we think they do. The best thing is to keep your pet busy with toys and other pets and they won’t miss you for a long time.

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